Optimum Mobility

What is the sustainable mobility package?

The Sustainable Mobility Package is a measure introduced by the State thanks to the Mobility Orientation Law (LOM) of 24 December 2019, which allows partial or total coverage by the employer of the travel costs of its employees between their home and their place of work.
The allowance granted by the Sustainable Mobility Package is totally tax-free for the employee and exempt from social security contributions for the employer, which allows companies to help their employees while being tax-neutral on the amount granted.

Which modes of transport can be eligible for the Sustainable Mobility Package (SMP)?

The modes of transport eligible for the DMF are numerous and allow private sector companies to take charge of a large number of means of locomotion.
The modes of transport are as follows:

  • Public transport other than that covered by the 50% subscription fee
  • Car-sharing services for low-emission motor vehicles (hybrid, electric or rechargeable vehicles or hydrogen).
  • Scooters, electric scooters and bicycles, electric or not, for hire
  • The employee's personal bicycle (electric or mechanical)

Mobility Pack vous permet de gérer ces modalités. D?éviter à vos collaborateurs de faire l?avance des frais et à vos gestionnaires de traiter des notes de frais.

So that they can pay for their journeys to and from work. This solution allows you to easily deploy FDM in your company. It is an interesting tool from an environmental, social (especially for young people) and fiscal point of view.


Examples of how your employees can use the DMF

Nathalie, Carpooling passenger to work

? Signe sur l?honneur son attestation

? Must send proofs
to his employer

?Octroiement de 800? du FMD   

Jérômegoes to work with a bicycle rented for 40?/month

? Signe sur l?honneur son attestation

? Must send proofs
to his employer

? Octroiement du FMD pour la somme de 40×6= 240? en 2021 et 800? en 2024 jusqu?au terme

Sarah, has a personal scooter which she uses to get to her workplace

? Signe sur l?honneur son attestation

? Must send proofs
to his employer

?Octroiement de 800? du FMD

The benefits of the Sustainable Mobility Package for fleet managers

L?un des principaux avantages du Forfait Mobilités Durables est son aspect incitatif sur le plan financier car il permet l?exonération d?impôt pour les charges et les cotisations sociales lorsque le montant attribué à chaque employé ne dépasse pas 800? par an pour de nombreux usages. De plus, le forfait mobilités durables permet aux entreprises de suivre les dépenses du salarié ce qui permet en fin d?année de maitriser les dépenses qui ont été effectuées par le salarié.

However, apart from the economic aspect, the Sustainable Mobility Package enables the introduction of a strong CSR policy because it shows that the company is part of a responsible environmental dynamic, concerned about the ecological impact that its employees may have during their various journeys.

The forms that the Sustainable Mobility Package can take

The Sustainable Mobility Package can be represented in many ways, for example through mobility vouchers. The advantage of these mobility vouchers is that employees can use their balance for many purposes such as car-sharing, car-pooling or even fuel costs for their company car.

For example, the Ticket Mobility solution aims to pay for fuel costs within an allocated budget (e.g. 200 ? per year) for thermal or electric vehicles, but also for travel between home and work.